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Western Red Cedar is a Natural Choice for Wood Fences in Clark County

Cedar Fences Vancouver WA

Do you want to add a wood fence to your property? Western Red Cedar is durable, eco-friendly and stylish. Because cedar is ideal for fences in Clark County, it’s the only type wood we use.This Pacific Northwest native species produces lumber that naturally resists rot and insects. Cedar stands up to the Pacific Northwest’s rainy winters and wet springs.

Versatile Style

We offer a selection of stylish cedar fences. Are you looking for a rustic three-rail fence to mesh with your rural surroundings in Battle Ground? Or do you want a classic picket fence to enhance your Camas home? Whatever your preference, we’ve got a style that’s right for you.

Choose from simple, elegant or ornamental. Our fences keep your pets and kids corralled, discourage wildlife from trespassing and create a peaceful retreat in your backyard.

For fences with even greater durability, we can build a hybrid style with steel posts and gate frames. Our staff will help you choose the perfect fence for your yard. We’re happy to custom design a fence, too.

Decorative Cedar Fence Pacific Northwest

Carefree Maintenance

Cedar ages gracefully, gaining beauty and character as the years pass. Caring for a cedar fence is easy. Extend the life of your fence by applying a waterproofing sealer. The sealer keeps the wood from prematurely cracking and warping.

Maintain your fence by cleaning it yearly with a solution formulated for cedar. This keeps your fence looking good and removes mold and mildew that can damage wood.

Many gardeners love the charm of a climbing rose or vine. However, plants growing on a fence exposes the wood to excess moisture and may shorten the life of the structure. Instead, plant flowering vines such as clematis and jasmine on a trellis. It’s also important that your irrigation system and sprinklers are aimed away from the fence.

Cedar Fence
Cedar Fence Sauk

Get the Fence That’s Right for You

Our team works with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the results you want. We’ll help you choose the construction that fits your needs, and we’ll give you a blueprint of your design so you know exactly what to expect from the finished project.

Our builders are trained in efficient construction techniques and take pride in friendly service and on-time work. Call us today for more information about the perfect fence for your SW Washington home.

Cedar Fencing Installation Process

We’ve been developing our construction techniques since 1997. Our crew is trained in the best installation methods and take pride in high-quality work that stands the test of time.

What Sets Cascade Fence and Deck Apart

Our employees make the difference at Cascade Fence and Deck. Each staff member is committed to professional, responsive customer service. You’ll find our company is easy to work with. We listen to your needs. Our builders are paid by the hour rather than by the piece; they take the time to ensure the job is done right.

Superior Installation Materials
  • We use high-quality aluminum nails to prevent rust.
  • All gates feature heavy-duty hinges and latches.
  • Each house attachment uses self-healing membranes.
  • Steel posts are available.
  • Durable welded steel-gate frames are optional.


Sauk Wooden Corral Fence

The Sauk adds a classic, rustic look to your property. This rough-hewn style comes in both two and three rail design. It pairs well with green spaces and creates a soft border between properties. Add wire to create a secure area for pets or children.

St. Helens Wood Fence

Our St. Helens style is a great perimeter for your pasture, or establishing any other line. Add wire to keep in small pets while still maintaining a clean, open feel.

Tillamook Fence

Picket fences are as American as apple pie. The Tillamook creates an open feel to your yard, while keeping pets and small children in. This style looks great when paired with an arbor or trellis.

placeholder image

The Coos fence adds a scalloped effect to our Tillamook picket fence, creating a welcoming feel to your outdoor living space.

Silver Star Wood Fence

Creating simple yet effective privacy, this is one of our most popular styles. The Silver Star fence rolls great over terrain and universally fits most applications. The bottom can be cut and adjusted to keep small pets safe in your yard. Comes standard with “dog ear” pickets, or choose flat top pickets for a classic look.

Chelan Wood Fence

Offering privacy with a capped look, the Chelan offers a cap board to extend the life of the fence, and creates a smooth, finished look. Choose from a classic step and level look or a sloped fence which follows terrain.

Lacamas Wood Fence

Similar to our Silver Star fence, this fence differs by alternating fence boards for a “good neighbor” look. The bottom can be cut and adjusted to keep small pets safe in your yard. Choose from flat top pickets or dog ear cut pickets for a classic look.

McKinley Wood Fence

The McKinley balances a neighbor friendly look with privacy. This style provides a solution which looks almost identical from both sides, and is finished with a cap board running along the top of the fence.

Lewis Wood Fence

Similar to our Chelan, but with a neighbor-friendly appearance, the Lewis adds definition to the borders of your living space. The space between pickets creates a shadow effect and adds depth to the fence.

Sandy Wood Fence

For an elegant upgrade from privacy fence, the Sandy has added top trim – choose from square lattice, traditional diagonal lattice, or galvanized panels.

Deschutes Wood and Metal Grate Fence

The Deschutes style blends wood and steel for a unique contemporary look. This style creates an “open” border while still keeping in pets.

placeholder image

Combining both alternating pickets and lattice top, the Trask style creates a good neighbor fence with an added decorative panel- choose from square or diagonal lattice, or go with a galvanized wire panel.

Molalla Wood Fence

The Molalla offers an upscale look that is identical from both sides, for a great neighbor friendly option. The fence boards are overlapped, adding more depth to the fence. The bottom can be straight or sloped to keep in small pets.

Pacific Wood Fence

The Pacific creates a modern yet simplistic border to your living space. Choose from a sloped cut bottom to keep in small pets, or match the top with a classic stepped bottom look.

Applegate wood fence

The Applegate is a premium horizontal fence. The alternating pickets create a unique architectural detail for projects where a modern, unique design is desired. Choose from sloped cut bottom or stepped bottom.

Design Build

Don’t see what you like? We offer a design-build service.
Provide a picture or drawing of something you like
We provide a budget number
You approve budget
We provide a detailed estimate and ensure that project can be completed within budget and advise of any changes/constraints to the project.
If the project is still feasible, we proceed with the project.
Please note: We offer this as a free service, and during busy periods we may suspend design-build projects.


Matching Gates

We offer gates to match each of our standard fence styles as close as possible.


Our Yakima gates are a stronger version of a traditional arch top gate. An arch top gate goes well with almost every fence, and the arch disguises any grade changes in the gate area. By adding a steel frame to an arch top gate, sagging is virtually eliminated.

Our premium steel gate frames are welded solid in our shop, unlike cheaper adjustable gate frames which tend to sag over time.


Wood Gate Olympic
Wood Frame 42”


Wood Gate Forks
Wood Frame 42”


Wood Gate Swift
Steel Frame 8-12’ Opening


Wood Gate TumTum
Steel Frame 8-12’ Opening


Western Red Cedar

Aesthetically, there really is no substitute for the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar. Imbued with decidedly crisp, yet superbly rich, tonal properties, Cedar can create sublime outdoor sanctuaries, embolden traditional home decor, provoke cutting-edge architecture and inspire innovative interiors. Imagine – all that dynamism packed into one beautiful material. Western Red Cedar is pitch and resin free. It is renewable and biodegradable. Plus, Cedar is sourced form the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

#2 & Better Cedar Pickets

Knots and smaller defects are allowed, but there are no holes in this board.

#1 Cedar Pickets

Knots are allowed, they are fewer and smaller.

Clear Cedar Pickets

Featuring no knots or defects.


Douglas Fir Rail

Known for their structural integrity, Doug Fir Rails are a sturdy backbone for your fence. Doug Fir Rails are the strongest rails that we offer.

Cedar Rail

Known for their natural resistance to decay, Cedar Rails are the perfect compliment to any fence.

Pressure Treated Rail

Known for their protection against termites, insects, and fungal decay, Pressure Treated Rails provide long term durability.


Pressure Treated Wood Posts

Pressure Treated posts are treated with a preservative to prevent rot, decay, and pest damage. Our treated wood is acquired through local Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) vendors to ensure environmentally responsible practices.

Galvanized Steel Posts

PostMaster steel posts for wood fencing is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating, PostMaster can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp. PostMaster provides longevity and performance in a wood fence system which results in uncompromised value.

Wood Accents (Arbor & Trellis)

Adding an arbor (4 legs) or a trellis (2 legs) to your fence project makes entrances to your outdoor living space stand out.

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