Chain Link Fences

Cascade Fence and Deck installs chain link fencing for residential properties. Chain Link fencing offers security, durability, low maintenance, as well as affordability. If privacy is a concern, we offer Chain Link Slats in a variety of colors. Chain link is a great choice for keeping in pets, and can add a subtle barrier that blends in with your surroundings.

Installation Process

Since 1997, we have been working to find the most efficient and quality assuring way to build fences. The common denominator of any successful project is the quality and performance levels of the personnel assigned to it. We work with our employees to perfect installation techniques, and are constantly improving.

What Sets Cascade Fence and Deck Apart
  • We meet or exceed all building codes and our employees are trained on all building codes
  • Every job comes with detailed drawings
  • All platinum systems come with a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty & Our Promise
  • We truly value our employees, and our employees value you! From the estimator, to the office staff, to the installers, all of our employees are dedicated to your project and exceeding your expectations. Our employees are professional, responsive, easy, and caring. Our employees are paid by the hour (we don’t pay piece work), therefore the crews are not rushed to get the job done. Our foreman have the authority to make decisions on the job, enabling your project to run smoother. Our crews work together as a team, and everyone has their part in the project.
Superior Installation Techniques
  • Larger diameter top rail (1-⅝” vs. 1-⅜”) for a stronger, more durable fence- prevents bending from pets jumping against fence.
  • Larger diameter line posts (1-⅞” vs. 1-⅝”) to create a stronger, longer lasting fence.
  • Welded 1-⅝” gate frames.  These frames are superior to smaller 1-⅜” gate frames held together by brackets.  Our gate hardware is heavy duty, instead of cheap hardware commonly found at box stores.
  • Fence is sloped to provide a nice overall look, while maintaining an acceptable bottom gap (decided by you) to keep pets in.
  • Bottom wire is a standard option, and is included in all pricing.  This helps keep pets from pushing underneath the fence.

Chain Link Fence Styles

Galvanized Chain Link – Residential

For a simple and economical border to your yard, galvanized chain link is the time-tested choice. Add a bottom rail for pets who like to dig under the fence, or slats for privacy.

Galvanized Chain Link – Commercial

Commercial chain link has thicker materials than residential chain link, ensuring the fence holds up better with more use. You may also add barbed wire or razor wire for extra security (check your local codes)

Black Chain Link – Residential

When you like the functionality of chain link, but want a more upscale look, black chain link is the answer. it also blends in well where your yard borders a green space.

Design Build

Don’t see what you like? We offer a design-build service.

  • Provide a picture of drawing of something you like
  • We provide a budget number
  • You approve budget
  • We provide a detailed estimate and ensure that project can be completed within budget and advice of any changes/constraints to the project.
  • If the project is still feasible, we proceed with the project.

We offer this as a free service, and during busy periods we may suspend design-build projects.

Chain Links Gates





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