Portland, OR

Portland is a city located in the U.S. state of Oregon, near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. In 1843, William Overton saw great commercial potential for this land but lacked the funds required to file a land claim. He struck a bargain with his partner, Asa Lovejoy of Boston, Massachusetts: for 25¢, Overton would share his claim to the 640-acre site. Overton later sold his half of the claim to Francis W. Pettygrove of Portland, Maine. Pettygrove and Lovejoy each wished to name the new city after his respective home town. In 1845, this controversy was settled with a coin toss, which Pettygrove won in a series of two out of three tosses. Ever since then growth has skyrocketed.

As the city has flourished, so too has business oppurtunity. Cascade, along with others, are trying to get a foot hold on the constantly growing chances in Portland. While securing a few builder jobs, we want to bring the same excellence on fences and decks that we bring to the Vancouver area, across the river to the homeowners. Portland’s slogan “Keep Portland Weird” applies to our fences as well. We can do almost any custom job a homeowner can think of. Complementary to our extraordinary fencing, is our top notch decking. There are several different mediums of decking you can choose from. We have the traditional cedar decking, as well as hardwood decking. We also offer composite decking from Timbertech and Trex. To compliment your new deck and add safety, there are a few different styles of railings to choose from. The wood railing made of cedar will match almost any deck. Our aluminum railing can feature aluminum pickets or cable railing. Our glass panel hand rails can either have an aluminum cap or just a panel of glass. Our durable vinyl railing comes in a variety of railing profiles, as well as different picket and glass infill choices. During our free estimates, we can work with the homeowner to create the perfect fence or deck that will supply your privacy needs as well as the elegance you desire.

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