PVC Decking

Achieve Ageless Beauty With PVC Decking

Wolf PVC decking is strong, beautiful and requires no maintenance. When you build with this premium American-made product, you don’t need to apply stain or water protection. With weatherproof PVC, replacing split or rotting boards becomes a thing of the past.

Extend your house with a backyard deck, where you can kick back and enjoy the essence of summer living: lounging outdoors. A deck is the ideal space for entertaining friends or relaxing with family. But boards that fade or warp will have you spending a few of your leisure days maintaining the deck. If that’s not your idea of fun, then a Wolf PVC deck is the answer. Decks built with Wolf PVC boards means summer truly is the time when the living is easy.

Cascade Offers a 5-Year Labor Warranty

Cascade Fence & Deck is a Wolf Pro. Our team has extensive training and experience building with Wolf PVC, making our customers eligible for a special 5-year labor warranty. Wolf PVC decking comes with a 25-year stain and fade warranty and a 25-year limited lifetime warranty.

Get the Look of Natural Wood

Wolf PVC decking has the look of wood. It’s available in colors that resemble stained or painted boards. The material is manufactured with variations of texture and tone that mimics wood grain.

Wolf PVC is made from 100 percent polyvinyl chloride. It has no organic fillers. It’s extremely strong, lightweight and durable. It won’t rot or split. PVC resists mold and mildew and is immune to insects. Wolf PVC blends the strength of man-made materials with the natural beauty of high-quality wood.

PVC Resists Fading, Weathering and Scratches

Sun and weather take a toll on decks. ASA capstock protects Wolf PVC decking. The capping shields your deck from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. It repels water, scratches and stains and adds incredible strength to your PVC deck.

ASA capstock’s durability and water-resistance gives you great versatility in deck design and placement. For instance, you can build low to the ground or in moist areas, such as near a hot tub or pool.

Enjoy a Maintenance-Free Deck in Vancouver, Washington

Wolf PVC is a great choice for a stylish, easy-care deck. Occasional washing or sweeping is all these decks need to look great. Contact Cascade Fence & Deck today and get ready for summer with a beautiful new deck.

Wolf Labor Warranty
Installation Process

Since 1997, we have been working to find the most efficient and quality assuring way to build fences. The common denominator of any successful project is the quality and performance levels of the personnel assigned to it. We work with our employees to perfect installation techniques, and are constantly improving.

What Sets Cascade Fence and Deck Apart
  • We meet or exceed all building codes and our employees are trained on all building codes
  • Every job comes with detailed drawings
  • All platinum systems come with a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty & Our Promise
  • We truly value our employees, and our employees value you! From the estimator, to the office staff, to the installers, all of our employees are dedicated to your project and exceeding your expectations. Our employees are professional, responsive, easy, and caring. Our employees are paid by the hour (we don’t pay piece work), therefore the crews are not rushed to get the job done. Our foreman have the authority to make decisions on the job, enabling your project to run smoother. Our crews work together as a team, and everyone has their part in the project.
Superior Installation Techniques
  • Camo hidden fasteners are standard
  • All decking and railing screws are stainless steel
  • Top and bottom flashing on ledgers
  • Poured footings under bottom step on stairs
  • End-cut solution on all cuts of pressure treated wood
  • Plane down joints on composite/PVC decking to make it straight and even

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